Barrel Ball Official Rules:


Set the front of the barrels 12 feet apart (or at a competitive distance for youth players)


Center Ring = 3 Points
Middle Ring = 2 Points
Outer Ring = 1 Point

Games are played up to 21 points, must win by 2. Teams may go over 21 points. Cancellation rule in effect. (Ex. Team 1 scores 6 total points in a round and Team 2 scores 4 total points, Team 1 is awarded 2 points for the round) If a ball lands in the “Instant Win” cup, that team is declared the winner and the game is over.


Team 1 throws a ball into the barrel, then team 2 throws a ball into the barrel. Teams alternate throws during the round. Competitors must shoot with their foot behind the barrel.

Balls can be thrown in any manner (over hand or under hand). Bounce shots are allowed. However, once the ball comes into contact with any foreign object (Players, a wall, etc.) the shot is dead and cannot gain points.

Assembly Instruction:

On each ring insert the end tabs into slots to form rings. Starting with center ring, insert tabs on bottom of rings through slots on circular bottom piece.

Install center ring first, then middle ring, then outer ring. Attach “Instant win” cup to the INSIDE of outer ring. Insert side tabs through slots first then pass bottom tab through slot.