The game Barrel Ball is a proven example that a little homegrown ingenuity can still produce new and exciting products. Developed by Kevco Products, we set out to create a fun game our family and friends could enjoy while on vacation.

And that “A-ha!” moment…it happened while relaxing on the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ — 62nd St. to be exact! Just sitting there, watching people play a variety of beach games…horseshoes, paddle-ball, wiffle ball, Frisbee into a can, washer toss, bocce, etc. They seemed endless and yet so very simple. And that’s when it happened…the personal challenge to create our own fun and exciting new game which people of all ages could play on the beach, in backyards, at tailgate events….anywhere!

It started with a 5 gallon bucket and a tennis ball before we quickly realized how difficult it was to get the ball into the bucket and have it actually stay in. From there we set out to build a prototype which was easier to play. Using a cardboard box, we cut, shaped, and glued together the first version of what is now “Barrel Ball”, and we quickly realized a smash hit was born. However, until the proper patent applications could be filed, play was restricted to inside our house, which led us to realize it was an ideal game indoors as well as outdoors. With our sons away at college, and their hunger for competitive games to play during the winter months, the very first sets were sent to them and their friends for feedback and analysis. Feedback…..analysis….THEY LOVED IT!!!

With the inspiration and support of a few college kids who wanted a more professional game set, manufacturing was finalized, parts were procured, and packaging was designed. Since then, the enjoyment which Barrel Ball has brought to those who have played it made the development experience that much more satisfying.

So enjoy the fun of playing Barrel Ball with family and friends, and keep an open mind for that “A-ha!” moment of your own. A simple thought while just relaxing might be all the inspiration you’ll need.


Barrel Ball supports The “J” Foundation:

At Kevco Products, we are thankful for the blessings we have, and we are proud to support the selfless efforts of those who give back. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Barrel Ball game set to The “J” Foundation, Inc.

The “J” Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded by Jamie Panetta that promotes, protects, and sustains the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of terminally ill children and adolescents. Further, the foundation supports families with end of life care expenses.

Your Barrel Ball game purchase allows us to share and help The “J” Foundation make their work a success and assist the many families in need of help at the most difficult time in their lives.

For more information on donating to The “J” Foundation, please visit